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MP002. Caledonian Inquirer. Issue 1, December 2022.

An independent publication about Scotland's Ferry Fiasco. A 32-page colour newspaper featuring views and interviews with communities impacted by the abysmal decisions made by Transport Scotland and compounded by the Scottish Government. And the view of several politicians about what can and should be done to resolve this fiasco.

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The life-changing endeavour of Newlands Junior College

_‘One of the most significant innovations in Scottish education in the last 20 years – yet it was left to die by government inertia. This book is a must-read for anyone concerned about our young people’ _– a former Glasgow head teacher.

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Jim McColl backs bid to expose 'truth' of ferry fiasco

Businessman Jim McColl has helped to fund a new publication aimed at exposing "the truth" about Scotland's ferry scandal.

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Featured in The Times

Thunderer: It’s time the elite gave junior colleges a chance to shine

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A for Achievement. A for Attitude. A for Attendance: The Life
of Newlands Junior College – A Glasgow Success Story. Author
Kenny Kemp. ISBN 978-1-9161762-1-8. Price £12 including postage. Ebook also available for £7.
[Date of publication February 2021]

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